Education for Sustainability: How To Build Responsibility into Academic Practice?

Education forms you to a large extent and is also a basis of your moral perspective on the world. But are scientists and students taught how to be responsible?

Organised by Studium Generale (Open Mind Lab) icw Green Office

Thu 29 June 2017 20:00

Venue Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Prof Dr. Phil Macnaghten (WUR)

Are scientists and students taught how to be responsible? They may be taught to produce reliable knowledge but are they taught how to ‘care’ for the futures they are shaping? In an education system that tends to view science as an intrinsic good, students and academics are rarely taught how to anticipate the societal and ethical implications of their research. Sociologist of science Phil Macnaghten will argue that it is both possible and necessary not least due to the power of science and technology to produce both benefit and harm.  He will explore how a forward looking model of responsibility can be developed into education courses as a core value, both in the life sciences and social sciences, using the concept of Responsible Innovation, and in particular the anticipate-include-reflect-respond (AIRR) framework.

Prof Dr. Phil MacNaghten is replacing Dr. Vincent Blok who was announced in our flyer of May/June. Vincent Blok is very sorry, but he had to decline for personal reasons.