Enjoy the Olympics at the WURlympics!

The ideal place to enjoy the Olympics this summer is at Sports Centre de Bongerd, where Wageningen University presents the WURlympics for students, employees and other interested people!
Daily between 12:30 and 23:00, from 5 till 18 August, you can watch the olympic games live in the canteen, enjoy a WURlympics menu and a drink, and work out of course.

Organised by Wageningen University

Fri 5 August 2016 until Thu 18 August 2016

Venue Sports Centre de Bongerd, gebouwnummer 130

Watch the games

In the cafeteria of de Bongerd, which is renamed PoWURbar during the WURlympics, you can follow the Olympic games on big screen with friends, housemates, colleagues. Especially the ones of the four Wageningen University students that compete for an Olympic medal: Eva Hovenkamp, Jan-Willem van Schip, Nadine Visser and Isheau Wong. There are sofas and beanbags so it is nice and comfortable. Keep an eye on the Facebook event for actions to get a spot on the VIP couch!

Work out

There are plenty of opportunities to work out as well. During one of the lessons, games or clinics, but you can also spontaneously start a game of football, (beach) volleyball, basketball, 'knotsbal', etc. Please ask at the bar!
You can visit de Bongerd spontaneously, but for some of the sports activities you need to sign up because they have room or materials for a maximum number of people. If that’s the case, then it’s mentioned in the programme. Signing up is possible from a week in advance on the website of the Bongerd. Go to Sports schedule.

No sportscard? No problem! During WURlympics you can also sport without a sportscard.

Food and drinks

Would you like to watch the games or work out after a long day of work or study, but you also have to eat? No worries, that’s possible in the PoWURbar. Every day you can get yourself a WURlympics menu only €4,35. But sign up before 23:00 the day before at the bar or via wurlympics@wur.nl. And don’t forget to mention if you like a vegetarian meal. Too late to sign up? No worries, you can always order some French fries or call a delivery service. And what do you think of a nice Weiss beer next to it or an energy drink or to hydrate after a good work out?

Date Country Dish
Fri 5 Aug World Potluck barbecue
Sat 6 Aug Indonesia Nasi
Sun 7 Aug Italy Lasagna
Mon 8 Aug India Curry (meatless Monday)
Tue 9 Aug Greece Moussaka
Wed 10 Aug Mexico Wraps
Thu 11 Aug Italy Lasagna
Fri 12 Aug Indonesia Nasi
Sat 13 Aug Greece Moussaka
Sun 14 Aug Mexico Wraps
Mon 15 Aug India Curry (meatless monday)
Tue 16 Aug Italy Lasagna
Wed 17 Aug Indonesia Nasi
Thu 18 Aug World Potluck barbecue

Win win win

If you think you will visit the WURlympics regularly, ask for a stamp card at the PoWURbar. If you buy 20 drinks you get one for free! Or join the WURlympics bingo: if you join a sports activity that’s on your bingo card it will be marked. If you are the first to get all the activities on your card marked, you’ll win a spot on our VIP couch. More info at the bar.
Keep an eye on the Facebook event for other actions to get a spot on the VIP couch during your favorite game!