Exposition ‘Darwin’s Paradise’

Gert Jan Hofstede is a personal professor of Artificial Sociality at the Information Technology Group of Wageningen University. He creates plywood puzzles with a symbolic twist. His work is on display until 18 January 2019, the day after Gert Jan’s inaugural lecture.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Thu 20 September 2018 until Fri 18 January 2019

Venue Library Forum, building number 102
Room 3rd floor
Gert Jan is a biologist and full of ideas. Plywood puzzles force his ideas into a limited space of two, sometimes three dimensions. Each piece depicts a letter, an animal or a human figure, and the whole often symbolizes a theme. Some puzzles are practical, for example, a chessboard with pieces, or a Christmas stall. Most are symbolic, for example, the heart-shaped ‘I love you’ puzzle, the puzzles with creatures of the savannah, sea, and air; and the title puzzle that shows Charles Darwin on one side and a symbolic representation of his mind on the other.