Fashioning the Future

Fashion at WUR surprising? Not at all! WUR has many years of research experience in developing innovations for the textile industry. The exhibition is on the occasion of 100 years WUR and marks the official opening of the WUR Circular Fashion Lab.

Organised by Impulse

Tue 4 September 2018 until Fri 12 October 2018

Venue Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

This exhibition showcases products that provide a glimpse of what a circular fashion future could look like. In the context of research projects with ArtEZ University of the Arts and State of Fashion, the results of collaborations between scientists, students and fashion designers are shown. They have worked on questions such as: What new, sustainable materials can we develop for the textile industry? What is an ideal, fair, clean and sustainable fashion system? How does this relate to the behaviour of consumers and new business models? Novel products from well-known fashion brands can be viewed, both in Impulse as well as in the town hall of the city of Wageningen.

Impulse | Orion | Forum | Wageningen Campus - outdoor installations | Town Hall - Markt 22, Wageningen Mon-Fri 09h-1700h

An impression of the expo: