Alumni meeting

Celebrating 15 years of MSc Geo-Information Science Graduates

In 2018, it was 15 years ago that the first students graduated from the master programme Geo-Information Science (MGI) at Wageningen University. To celebrate this milestone an alumni event was organized on Friday December 14, 2018 in the Orion building in Wageningen. Over 180 MGI alumni, students and staff were present during the day.

Organised by Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing

Fri 14 December 2018 10:00 to 19:00

Venue Orion, building number 103

In the morning, a plenary session was organized on the theme ‘The future of Geo: how do we educate the next generation’. Several speakers presented their view on the Geo-future and the required skills and competences. Jan Willem van Eck of ESRI NL kicked off with inspiring presentation ‘Unearthing our spatial gene’. Two MGI alumni David Marcelis (AgroCares) and Judith Verstegen (University of Munster) provided their story of life after MGI and presented the relevance of the study for their career. During the historic MGI quiz presented by Willy ten Haaf, everybody could test interactively his/her knowledge of MGI facts and figures. After the coffee break the two GRS professors Martin Herold and Devis Tuia presented their view on the current developments in the GI domain and in the follow-up forum discussion, the moderator Arnold Bregt took care that there was a lively discussion on the required competences of the future MGI graduates.

During the lunch, several activities were shown to update the alumni on current MGI student projects, geo-technology and gadgets, and group photo’s in the alternative photo booth were made. This allowed for plenty of time to meet with old friends but also to meet the current MGI students and staff of the chair groups involved in the MGI program.

In the first half of the afternoon, a choice could be made of several activities: a campus tour, back to the classroom where participants could develop their own augmented reality application, discussion panels on open data and privacy and the creativity was stimulated in a web-map design workshop.

The day ended with drinks and snacks in the Spot, the student cafe in the Orion building. The famous CGI band gave a great concert with evergreens like ‘This thing, ArcGIS, , Github is the Way, Be Fast, bFast, MSc is the final goal and MGI : Simply the Best’ : a great geo-music experience!

To keep the memories alive, we prepared a photobook.

And also you can find the exclusive text material for the songs of the CGI band enclosed: save this as it is potential Grammy material.

We are looking back on a great MGI 15 years event! As the GI-world is small, we will certainly meet again the coming time and otherwise up to 20 years MGI!