From procrastination to action! - Van uitstelgedrag naar actie!

In deze training leer je hoe je je uitstelgedrag de baas kunt worden en hoe effectief om te gaan met je tijd. Je leert prioriteiten te stellen in je time management, effectieve keuzes te maken en vervolgens op de juiste manier te plannen.

In the training “From procrastination to action!” (Dutch spoken) you will learn how to overcome procrastination and effectively use your time. You will learn how to set priorities in time management, make effective choices, and plan activities accordingly. Moreover, the training offers insight in what you want to achieve in your studies.

This course is given in Dutch!
Are you interested in the English course 'Get a grip on your studies!'
Already 2 groups are starting in period 2.
Registration for period 3 and 4 will open in November.

Organised by Student Training & Support
Duration Dinsdagen 27 Okt; 3 en 17 Nov; 1 en 8 dec van 12.45 - 14.00 uur
Venue Online
Price description Free

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of this training, the student is expected to be able to.:
- understand what procrastination is and why he/she procrastinates;
- define which (seemingly opposing) goals he/she wants to serve;
- define their core qualities and core values which can support them to turn to action;
- how they can use their core qualities and values to create 'workflow';
- understand the effects of proper time allocation;
- prioritise activities and make effective choices accordingly;
- make effective schedules based on your priorities/goals in the short and long term.


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