PhD defence

Functional Analyses of AtCHR12 and AtCHR23. Plant Growth Responses upon Over-Expression of Chromatin Remodeling ATPase Genes

PhD candidate A (Adam) Folta
Promotor prof.dr. AHJ (Ton) Bisseling
Co-promotor L (Ludmila) Mlynarova PhD
Organisation Wageningen University & Research, Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Thu 19 November 2015 11:00 to 12:30

Venue Aula, gebouwnummer 362


Plants as sessile organisms adapt their growth and development to the environmental conditions. A main mechanisms in this adaptation is to switch on or off genes involved in these processes. Genes are stored in DNA sequence and DNA is packed into the nucleus as a compact complex with proteins, called chromatin.

In this thesis plant growth responses are described that are induced upon increased levels of two proteins, which are involved in modifying the structure of chromatin and therefore switching on and off specific genes. The two proteins are shown to be regulators of plant growth, especially in response to environmental adaptation. In addition the increased levels of the two proteins affect the seed maturation program with clear effects on seed germination and flowering time. Moreover, it is shown that such proteins can be potentially interesting for agriculture and horticulture practice. ‚Äč