Guided tour in the treasure rooms of Special Collections/ Rondleiding in de schatkamers van Speciale Collecties

Guided tour, in Dutch, in the stacks of the Forum Library and Special Collections. For staff members of Wageningen UR only.

Organised by Library Wageningen University & Research

Thu 27 March 2014 12:15 to 13:00

Did you know that the Wageningen UR Library Special Collections has a wealth of rare and very old books, unique garden designs, thousands of growers’ catalogues, 95,000 aerial photos from the period around World War II and much, much more, all stored away in air-conditioned storerooms? And that these are still used for research and publications? And did you know that the stacks of the Forum Library house around 20 kilometres of books and magazines, which still form the basis of much of the research and education at Wageningen UR? If you would like to see some of the top pieces in the Wageningen UR Library collection with your own eyes and lose yourself amongst the kilometres of bookshelves, then come and enjoy the special guided tour. Register via Visit the Neighbours Week.