KLV-conference ‘Inspired by Uncertainty’ and mini-symposium ‘making decisions in de face of climate change’, Friday 1 December 2017

Inspired by uncertainty: the invitation for the conference with this title was only just sent, when the second message came that it was to be cancelled and would be postponed until after the summer. Easy to make it a joke: now KLV makes uncertainty very real! Despite that, it was a well-considered decision to postpone the conference.

More information can be found on the KLV website.

“The reaseon is very simple,” chairman Han Swinkels says, “on the first of June, there were just too little applications. As board we then decided to call it off. We did immediately afterwards ask our members: what could be improved?” The theme turned out to be too broad, two days too long, the date not ideal, the fee too much.

With these pointers we decided to postpone the conference until after the summer to Friday the first of December,” Swinkels tells us. It will be one day revolving around one theme: climate insecurity. Highly topical and involving many Wageningen topics. With keynote speakers and followed by a seminar, but also with components of the previous conference. Like a mix of current topics and workshops on personal skills, leaving everyone to compile their own programme. With a very attractive entry fee for KLV-members!

Read more about the results of the evaluation and the mini-symposium in the next Wageningen World magazine on 26th of September.

Pictures: Guy Ackermans