Learning In Communities #LINC

Wageningen University wants to be an active learning community of lecturers and students, in direct relation with the outside world (Strategic Plan, 2015).
How can we reach this ambition? Join the symposium and get inspired!

Organised by Wageningen University

Fri 13 March 2015 13:30 to 17:00

Venue Forum, gebouwnummer 102
Room C222
Time Activity Location
13.30 hr Start with coffee and tea C222, Forum
14.00 hr Opening by chair of the day Martijn Duineveld C222, Forum
14.05 hr Key-note speaker Arjen Wals: introduction to Learning In Communities C222, Forum
14.30 hr Talkshow with commissioners and reflection by Martin Kropff C222, Forum
15.00 hr Break
15.15 hr Workshop round 1 Several locations
16.00 hr Workshop round 2 Several locations
16.45 hr Round-up C222, Forum
17.00 hr Let's have a drink! Grand Café, Forum

Learning in Communities is about learning through interactions and relationships in networks of others who are experiencing and working on the same challenges and tasks. Learning in Communities is about learning from other people, and consciously or unconsciously teach other members. Learning in Communities is learning from situations that arise in those communities, and through the joint conversations, getting engaged in the problems to be solved. Learning in Communities is about students working on real life issues with our community partners. Learning in Communities is about lecturer’s sharing their ideas and experiences and coaching the students. Learning in Communities is about being part of an online-learning group of international students from all over the world with all different backgrounds. Learning in Communities is making the link between theory and practice in education. Learning in Communities is about blurring the boundaries between science and society, school and neighbourhood, local and global.

Learning in Communities is about Communities changing the world.