Lecture Prof. Wolf Frommer, January 17, 2019

Dear colleagues,

We are very happy to invite you to a seminar by Prof.
Wolf Frommer on Thursday January 17th. Prof. Frommer is an
Alexander-von-Humboldt professor at the university of Düsseldorf (Germany). His talk is entitled: “Logistics: Allocation of carbon and energy for yield and pathogen resistance” and will be held in room C1040 in the Orion building in Wageningen at 16:00 hours.

Wolf Frommer is an authority in membrane transporter
research. In his career, he has discovered and characterised many transporter proteins, initially in plants, and lately also in non-plant organisms. Using physiological, biochemical cell biological and computational approaches, his team identified for example the SWEET sugar transported, conserved across eukaryotic organisms. A prominent part of his team’s research is the development of FRET-based biosensors to measure solute concentrations in living cells. More details about his research can be found here:


Prior to joining the university of Düsseldorf on the prestigious Humboldt professorship, Wolf Frommer was a group leader (since 2003) and director (since 2009) of the Carnegie Institute for Science (Stanford, USA), as well as professor at the Stanford Biology Department (since 2011). Before moving to Stanford, he was professor in Plant Physiology at Tübingen university (Germany; from 1996), and founding director of the Center
for Plant Molecular Biology (ZMBP). In addition to his excellent science
(demonstrated by numerous papers in top-tier journals such as Nature and Science), he is also been very active as journal editor, on various evaluation committees, scientific advisory boards and in various societies. He won several prestigious awards, including the Leibniz prize (1998) and the Körber prize (2001).

For further information, or to arrange a meeting with
Wolf Frommer, please contact me (Dolf Weijers).