Lighting in greenhouses and vertical farms 2017 - course registration closed.

UPDATE:Both light courses of this year are fully booked now and registration is no longer possible. New courses may be organized in the future - if you want to be informed about future dates then notify us by filling in the contact form above.

Do you want to improve the use of LED lighting in greenhouse production or vertical farming?
Would you like to know how to reduce energy use and carbon foot print, how to improve production, or how to improve quality?
Do you want to understand the different characteristics of light and how they affect physiological plant processes?
Then this course might be valuable for you.
In this course on lighting in greenhouses and vertical farms Wageningen UR scientists will share their unique knowledge with international students, researchers, and horticultural and light experts.

Organised by Horticulture & Product Physiology Group, Greenhouse Horticulture

Wed 29 March 2017 until Fri 31 March 2017

Venue Wageningen Campus and excursion locations
The course consists of a mixture of interactive classroom lectures, group discussions, demonstrations, and an excursion day.
The lectures will be given by a team of experts of Wageningen UR.

For whom?
This excellent and intensive course is meant for professionals in lighting, greenhouse production and vertical farms as well as MSc and PhD students, post-docs and junior scientists from all over the world.

Course objectives
The aim of this course is to learn the basic principles behind the effects of LED lighting on plant growth, yield, product quality, and energy use efficiency.
It aims that participants also understand how to apply this information in their daily practice by developing strategies to optimize the use of lighting in relation to the whole production system.

Learning outcomes
This course gives participants an in-depth view on:
• Perception of light by plants
• Major plant physiological and morphological processes affected by light
• how lighting can be used effectively in greenhouses and vertical farms
• The different characteristics of light and how to measure.