Masterclass Dairy Protein Biochemistry

Dairy proteins are an important component of dairy products, but also one of the most widely used proteins in food industry. Within this masterclass, you will learn about the specific features of the two main classes of dairy proteins, whey proteins and caseins.

Organised by The Graduate School VLAG, in co-operation with the Food Design and Quality Group, Wageningen University & Research-NL and the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University-DK

Mon 2 July 2018 until Tue 3 July 2018

Course introduction

In this masterclass you will get insight in the different analytical methodologies that exist to characterize dairy proteins, their variations and molecular features, like modifications. Finally, you will get quantitative insight in the nutritional quality of dairy proteins in the human diet.

What you will learn

Introduction to milk proteins and casein micelles
Genetic variation and post-translational modifications
Analytical methodology for milk proteins
Nutritional aspects of milk proteins
Quantitative approach to protein quality

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