Masterclass Economics, Environment and Governance

Planning to go to the Open day and to visit the MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies? Come early, meet students and attend a Masterclass in the field of Economics, Environment and Governance.

Organised by Wageningen University

Fri 11 April 2014 14:30 to 16:00

Venue Forum Building
Room C214

Masterclass Economics, Environment and Governance

Governance  arrangements for wicked problems

Many contemporary policy issues carry characteristics of wicked problems. They are ill-defined, contested and feature complex technical and social dynamics. Above all, wicked problems are highly resistant to solutions because they have no “stopping rule” and because today’s problems emerge as a result of yesterday’s solution.

The master class addresses the following topics:

  • How can wicked problems be identified?
  • Which governance arrangements can be proposed?
  • How to evaluate these governance arrangements?

We will use examples  from the research of our group: adaptation to climate change in Europe, food security in Ghana, sustainable palm oil in Indonesia and intensive livestock in the Netherlands.


Prof. dr. ir. Katrien Termeer

Public Administration and Policy group, Wageningen University