6th Nematology Staff Symposium

Organised by Laboratory of Nematology

Thu 30 January 2020 14:00 to 17:00

Venue Radix, building number 107

Program: 6 th Staff symposium – 30th of January 2020

Opening 14:00 – 14:05

Session 1 14:05 – 15:25

Leendert Molendijk (WUR| Field Crops, Lelystad): Applied Nematology in the Polder

Nina Guarneri: Mechanisms underlying cyst nematode-triggered de novo root organogenesis

Ruud Wilbers: Vaccine development against cattle parasites

Break 15.25 – 15:40

Session 2 15:40 – 16:40

Aska Goverse: A new kid on the block: introducing the HIP-TTW project on the chemical communication between potato and cyst nematodes as a basis for sustainable improvement of potato yield

Mark Sterken: The host-parasite supergenome: from proposal to project

Ava Verhoeven: How do Arabidopsis 12-oxophytodienoate reductases (OPRs) function in plant defense against nematodes?

Closing 16.40 – 17.00