NutriScience. Global nutrition: from nutrients to whole diets (5 days)

Postgraduate course on Nutriscience with a multifaceted approach to nutrition research.

Course Introduction

Nutritional science is a rapidly changing field, with an increasing need for a multidisciplinary approach. It draws upon biology, food technology, epidemiology and psychology to answer a wide range of questions related to nutrition and human health. This covers questions like: How do dietary patterns influence health and well-being of individuals and populations? What are the physiological responses of the human body to diet? Through which biological pathways can nutrients affect metabolism? What are the determinants of eating behaviour?

The "toolbox" of nutritional science for studying these questions has expanded in the past decade. The complexity of the diet and its relation to human health calls for a new generation of nutritionists who are able to integrate the knowledge from different areas in nutrition research. After following this course research professionals will better able to approach their research in a multi-faceted way and put their findings in a broader context.

What you will learn

After the course, the participants will have a state of the art overview of the field of nutritional science. They will have basic skills in applying different study designs and methodologies (both established and new techniques) in the field of nutritional science. This course will also provide a framework to integrate knowledge from different disciplines in nutrition.

Meet the lecturers

Course Design

The course comprises 4.5 days (9.00-18.00 h). The programme consists of keynote lectures, followed by a series of lectures, practicals and workshops. In addition, attendees make an assignment during the course in which they discuss and apply the obtained knowledge. The subject matter covers research on cellular, individual and population level. The focus of this year's course is on global nutrition, that is Western as well as non-western nutrition. Moreover, nutrition research will be approached from a reductionist’s point of view, i.e. nutrient focussed, as well as a more holistic, whole diet, point of view.


Participants should have a background in biology, medicine, psychology, food science, or other life sciences and should have basic knowledge of human biology, biochemistry and statistics.

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