Presentation and discussion on Food Security Practices in Northern Uganda

Winnie W. Wairimu, PhD researcher of the IS Academy, visits Oxfam Novib to present her thesis on food security practices in northern Uganda. In her thesis, she examines processes by local people in northern Uganda to rebuild livelihoods, efforts to integrate northern Uganda into the mainstream of the country’s policy and governance structures by the government of Uganda and how these relate to aid interventions. She analyses whether and in what way institutional reconstruction meets the needs, and fits the context, of the population they are meant to serve.

Organised by Oxfam Novib & IS Academy Human Security in Fragile States

Mon 30 June 2014 15:00 to 16:00

Venue Oxfam Novib, The Hague

Winnie Wairimu

For her research entitled 'Transition or stagnation? Everyday life, food security and recovery in post-conflict northern Uganda', Dr Winnie Wairimu undertook ethnographic fieldwork (predominantly qualitative and quantitative methods) between 2010 and 2012 in Pader district, Northern Uganda. Interactively, the research relationships and knowledge construction were co-produced, negotiated and shaped in practice with our partner,  ZOA – a Dutch NGO. This entailed ‘following’ their ongoing food security and livelihoods related interventions as well as case study households in the Acholi region. See her project page for more information.


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