Robbert Kamphuis - Potato-portraits

Did you know that botanist Carolus Clusius brought the potato (Solanum tuberosum) to the Netherlands in 1593? And that it took about 200 years before the Dutch accepted it as proper food? Around 1900 there was a lot of activity in making new varieties. Among others by Frisian teacher Kornelis Lieuwes de Vries who introduced the Bintje in 1905. Bintje became one of the most famous Dutch potatoes. Bintje is named after his then 17-year-old darling pupil Bintje Jansma. I don’t know if you would get away with that nowadays. In any case, it inspired me to portray different potato varieties. I am incredibly curious what stories there are behind their names. The Bintje potato is not for sale anymore and Bintje Jansma died in 1976 at 88 years of age in a retirement home in Franeker.