Second Mansholt lecture on Food policy & research

Wageningen University & Research is proud to invite you to the second edition of the Mansholt lecture. This second Mansholt lecture will focus on European food policy & research.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Wed 20 September 2017

Venue Brussels

President of the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research, Prof. dr. Louise O. Fresco will give a keynote and two documents will be presented:

  • The policy document ‘Food transition 2030’ focuses on the challenge to achieve the transitions to a sustainable, affordable, trustworthy and high-quality food system in the next decade or two that will fulfil the needs of a diverse and growing world population.
  • The policy document ‘Towards a European Food and Nutrition policy’, is currently being drafted.

A forum with international experts will discuss both documents.

Mansholt lectures

The Mansholt lectures are organised by Wageningen University & Research to discuss European policy and issues in the domain of Wageningen University & Research: food, agriculture and sustainable livelihoods. In September 2016 the first Mansholt lecture was organised with the title ‘towards a Common Agricultural and Food Policy’.