Student colloquium March 2

Organised by Operations Research and Logistics Group

Tue 2 March 2021 12:00 to 13:40

12:00| Ruben Schluter | Master thesis proposal pitch
Optimizing transportation planning at Normec Foodcare.’
Supervisor: dr. Dmytro Krushynskyi

12:10 | Marye Bosboom | Master thesis proposal pitch
Optimization of the quality assurance testing design of Abbott Laboratories B.V.’
Supervisor: prof. dr. ir. Sander de Leeuw

12:20 | Anne-Marieke Crum | Master thesis proposal pitch
Title of the presentation’
Supervisor: dr. Joke van Lemmen-Gerdessen

12:30 | Marleen Sibma | Master thesis proposal pitch
‘Creation of the LCA framework for agricultural residues’
Supervisor: dr. Ellen Slegers

12:40 | Roos van Buren | Master thesis proposal pitch
Municipal solid waste management in Santiago de Chile’
Supervisor: dr. Frits Claassen

12:50 | Geng Wenxuan | Master thesis final presentation
‘Identifying the main factors of Transport Modality Choice in Agri-food chain’
Supervisor: dr. Behzad Behdani

13:10 | Tren van Leijden | Master thesis final presentation
‘Economic and environmental impacts of a primary reusable packaging system’
Supervisor: dr. Argyris Kanellopoulos

13:30 | Krijn Slangen | Master thesis proposal pitch
‘Optimizing the location of parcel lockers within the concept of ship-from-store logistiscs’
Supervisor: Joost Goedhart