Student incubator StartHub Wageningen celebrates first anniversary with a Lean Camp where Food meets IT

On the 18th of November, student incubator StartHub Wageningen has been open for one year. To celebrate this, StartHub organises a Lean Camp where startups, students, PhD’s, entrepreneurs and experts in food and IT come together to work on (new) business ideas. This event is part of the Dutch Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Organised by StartHub Wageningen

Wed 18 November 2015 13:00 to 17:00


Jannet de Jong, incubation manager of StartHub Wageningen, is excited: “Last year we started from scratch with an incubator on the campus, where students of Wageningen University can develop their entrepreneurial skills. In the first year, several startups rented an office space and the events we organize are well received. With the start of the academic year, the first student board has been installed and will be working actively for StartHub Wageningen.

Lean Camp: Food meets IT

To celebrate the first year, a Lean Camp will be organised for students, PhDs, entrepreneurs and food and IT experts. Lean Camp is an open, interactive high energy event, which brings together diverse communities of doers to exchange knowhow and learning around entrepreneurship. During the event everyone has the power to drive the event’s agenda and to bring in topics to discuss for discussions in smaller groups. On the website of StartHub Wageningen you can find more information about the programme. Also, you can register for the Lean Camp through the website.

StartHub Wageningen

StartHub Wageningen is a breeding ground for entrepreneurial minded students, recent graduates and PhD’s of Wageningen University, who wish to start their own business or want to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The incubator offers interactive workshops, micro-credits, housing, coaching by experts and a network of professionals and peers. StartHub Wageningen is an initiative of Wageningen UR, StartLife and Climate-KIC NL.