Sven Stremke in Seoul

May 18, Sven Stremke will give an invited presentation at the Eco-Energy Town Symposium in Seoul, upon invitation by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Organised by Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Thu 18 May 2017

Venue Seoul Korea

His talk will be on research conducted with NRGlab member Renée de Waal on three European communities that have transited to renewable energy sources (De Waal and Stremke, 2014) and more recent research with NRGlab member Dirk Oudes on sustainable energy transition at the regional scale (Oudes and Stremke, fortcoming).


– De Waal, Renée, and Sven Stremke. 2014. Energy Transition: Missed Opportunities and Emerging Challenges for Landscape Planning and Designing. Sustainability 6 (7) pp. 4386–4415. doi:10.3390/su6074386.

– Dirk Oudes and Sven Stremke. Forthcoming. Spatial transition analysis: Establishing spatially explicit and evidence-based targets for sustainable energy transition, Landscape and Urban Planning