Tackle your decision anxiety - Weg met keuzestress 2021-2022

How do you choose? Do you make a list with pros and cons? Do others influence your decision? Do you follow your gut feeling? Or do you choose whatever comes up? Or do you make no decision at all?

Organised by Student Training & Support

Thu 17 February 2022

Duration 4 sessions 17:00-18:30 h | NEW DATES: Tue 17,24 Feb,3,10 Mrch 2022
Venue Face-to-Face preferably | Materials on BrightSpace WSTSTACK_2021_3
Price description Free

In this training you will learn how to make choises by navigating between rational reasons and your feelings. You will learn which mechanism often causes feelings of stress or anxiety. While you donot need to! Choises give direction and make sure you can get on with whatever you want to. And that can be very nice. Learn to trust your own feelings and to make the choices which are really yours.