The Beauty and Diversity of Sand


The Beauty and Diversity of Sand

This exposition is developed in collaboration with the World Soil Museum (ISRIC) and Studium Generale Wageningen. It is part of the theme week “The World of Sand”, organized by Studium Generale from 21-28 May, which explores the many aspects of this versatile material.

Organised by Impulse

Mon 6 May 2019 until Fri 31 May 2019

Venue Impulse, building number 115
Stippeneng 2
6708 WE Wageningen
+31 317-482828

What do you envision when you think of sand? You probably think of the sand you know from the beaches you have visited, or the region you live in. But did you know that sand takes many different shapes and colours?

Be fascinated by different sand profiles, photos of sandy landscapes, and jars filled with sand from the corners of the earth, and enjoy our planet’s richness of sand colours and appearances.

Delve into the unknown world of sand, and find out about topics such as the rising scarcity of sand, sand conflicts and the ecological effects of sand extraction during “The World of Sand” week. See ISRIC for more information on the World Soil Museum.