Thu 4 July: Next PhD discussion meeting on Agriculture-Climate-Forests-Food

This session Kitinya Kirina will present the methodology of his PhD concerning the impact of climate smart agricultural (CSA) interventions on climate resilience of different value chains and farming systems in East Africa. Kirina asks the group for input on several discussion points.

Climate change(CC) has been identified as a major risk to agriculture, land  and water resources in the East Africa region. In response, Climate Smart Agriculture(CSA) provides a means  to adapting to climate change, making farming systems and value chains resilient and sustainable. CSA also has a potential for CC mitigation and  has been promoted by  developmental organisations and government agencies for those reasons. However, there is still dearth of information surrounding  CSA practices and in particular their impact on  large scale application on agricultural and ecosystem. This study will assess the impact of large scale application of CSA through a value chain lense.  This requires that the research is embedded on stakeholder engagement framework.  The key objective of the study is to assess the implication of large scale CSA application and its effect on crop performance and the resulting  resilience to climate shocks and ecosystem sustainability. Crop models (WOFOST) and hydrological model(VIC) will be integrated to form a system for better assessment. The integrated modelling framework be used to assess the impact of CC on crop performance under CSA practices on a regional scale and the effect on water balance and trade-offs thereof.

Discussion points:

  1. Can we see climate adaptation as a business? What is needed and why?
  2. Are the current Climate Smart Agriculture Practices against climate change or climate vulnerability?
  3. Modelling climate change impact  in small holder and limited data terrain. How to overcome the challenges?

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