Sporting event

Thymos Sports Gala

Organised by Wageningen University

Tue 18 April 2017 20:00

What is happening on the 18th  of April? Exactly! The legendary student sport gala of Thymos! This year the gala will be organised for the third time and we will make sure to make it a great party again! You can already subscribe by transferring € 12.50 to SWU Thymos (NL66RABO0367012626) and leaving  ‘your email address + gala’ in the comments. We will then send you a confirmation. We would like to see you on the 18th of April!

Do you know a great sports(wo)man or sports team who deserves to be in the spotlights? Then nominate him/her or them for sportsman/woman/team or trainer of the year! At the gala the winner will be elected and besides the great title they will also get a prize!

You can nominate someone by filling in this form (deadline is the 4th of April).

So take off your sports clothes and put on your suit or dress because the theme of this year is ‘Forget the game, let’s dance!’.