Sporting event

Thymos Sports Gala ''Sporters in the Spotlights''

Organised by Wageningen University

Thu 17 March 2016 21:00

At the 17th of March the famous Thymos Sports Gala will take place at the Spot! This amazing, fancy event will start at 21:00. For €12,50 you get entrance to an amazing gala, a drink, three snacks and one extra coin.

Furthermore there wil be an election of Sporter of the Year! You can nominate someone when you click here. There are prices for the best sportswoman, sportsman, team and trainer/coach. So nominate the best you know!

If you want to order tickets, you simply have to transfer €12,50 to SWU Thymos; IBAN: NL66RABO0367012626. With notification of: 'Gala + name(s).