Tourism and the Anthropocene

Wageningen Geography Lectures 2015 / 2016

Edward Huijbens

This paper presents a tentative research agenda of tourism studies as outlined in the author’s edited volume Tourism and the Anthropocene.

Organised by Cultural Geography

Tue 10 November 2015 16:00 to 17:30

Venue Gaia, gebouwnummer 101
Room 1st floor plateau
The talk will unfold in three parts. First an introduction to the concept of the Anthropocene is outlined with focus on the conceptual and empirical challenges it throws up. The second part outlines three interrelated emergent themes of tourism studies under the terms of the Anthropocene. Lastly these themes and the Anthropocene challenges are illustrated through tourism’s development in Iceland. The key message is that tourism encounters afforded by the Anthropocene inform storytelling which allows for a hospitality’s ethics in the Anthropocene era.