WSKOV: Choir masterclass

WSKOV organizes two masterclasses because of their anniversary year. The firt is a Choir masterclass.

Organised by WSKOV en !mpulse

Tue 21 October 2014 20:00 to 22:30

Venue Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Have you ever wondered what your voice looks like? Yes, you read it correctly, looks like, and not sounds like. Indeed, what do we know about our own voice? Some of us are singers and we know we sing either soprano or alto for the women, tenor or bass for the men.

Some of us sing in a band and we like to sing either with a raspy and deep voice, or on the contrary with a light and high pitch, or even with screams. We use our voice everyday to talk to each other but do we really know what our voice is like? No, not really, and it is to answer this mysterious question that the WSKOV (student choir and orchestra of Wageningen) invited Hanny van Lankeren for one evening at the Impulse building.

Using the Estill Voice International software, Hanny van Lankeren will make you sing, talk and cry into a microphone and translate the waves seen on the computer screen into voice texture, quality, depth, colour and tone. Are you curious about what your voice is made of and do you want to learn more about specific singing techniques? Then join us on the Tuesday 21st of October at 20:00 at the impulse building! The entrance is 2€ and for everyone who likes to sing!