Alumni meeting

Wageningen Alumni Meeting Singapore, Sunday 29 May 2016

The third meeting of Wageningen Alumni in Singapore. Fish farms are on sea, miles outside of Singapore, this gives all kind of other opportunities. On Sunday-afternoon the 29th of May we are invited to visit the fish farm of Barramundi Asia, owned and managed by alumnus Joep Kleine Staarman.

Organised by University Fund Wageningen

Sun 29 May 2016 14:00 to 18:30

A sunday for alumni

Sunday 29th of May 2016, alumni of Wageningen UR based in Singapore gathered for the 3rd time in their existence. This time we visited the nursery and the fish farm of Kuhlbarra owned and managed by alumnus Joep Kleine Staarman. We gathered at the Singapore Yacht club and were brought by boat to the first step, the nursery. And after that to the fish farm on sea, after which we closed this successful meeting on a small tropical island with drinks and a bite. The group was impressed by the story of Joep and how he managed to bring a small startup company into this respectable big player on the Asian and Oceania fish market.

Kuhlbarra fish (Barramundi fish) are ocean farmed in the Straits of Singapore, off the southern coast of the island. This location was selected for its oxygen-rich waters, strong currents and clean ecosystem. And very close to the thriving coral reef that lies just 200 meters away from the farm which enclosures as an indication of the pristine condition of the waters. Kuhlbarra fish are raised sustainably. Joep told us that his fish farm is in ocean waters because it is the best way to ensure they are produced in a completely sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. Farming also allows him to regulate exactly what the fish eat.

Kühlbarra farms, processes and delivers its premium barramundi in Singapore. To ensure freshness, Kuhlbarra harvest the Barramundi fish and deliver it ice-chilled and vacuum-packed within hours of processing. The optimal supply chain.

The alumni enjoyed this Sunday afternoon very much and like to thank Joep and Kuhlbarra for this fantastic opportunity to look into the kitchen of a fish farm.


Republic of Singapore Yacht club
52 W Coast Ferry Rd,
Singapore 126887

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14.00 hours Assemble at the RSYC, The republic of Singapore Yacht Club.

14.15 hours Activites with the boat at several locations. (samakau, fish farm, Pulau Hantu

18.30 hours Back to the West Coast Ferry Terminal /RSYC. And the End.

* There is a possibility afterwards to have a dinner at the RSYC.

Important information

- You need to bring your passport (West Coast Ferry Terminal is a customs post); for PR’s their IC is ok.

- For a walk along the islands riffs you need shoes to walk in the water (no flip flops).

- Bring sun cream as we will be on the water most of the afternoon.

Upfront already our great thanks to Joep Kleine Staarman who wants to show us his Barramundi Asia fish grounds, and is the sponsor of the boat.