Workshop Introduction to the Netherlands

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Wed 23 February 2022

Wed 20 April 2022

Wed 15 June 2022


For registration, please send an email to Joyce van der Velde, with your name, nationality and science group.

Target group:

Newly arrived international staff of Wageningen University and Research and their partners, who will be staying in the Netherlands for 6 months or longer. Group size: 15 participants.


After this workshop participants

  • Are aware of the process of migration /integration into a new society and know the stages of culture shock and how these (might) affect themselves
  • Have insight in some basic values and norms of Dutch society and how these relate to their own cultural background
  • Received information about current rituals and symbols in Dutch society, which can help them to adapt to their new life
  • Have met colleagues of Wageningen UR who are in the same stage of the acculturation process and with whom they can share experiences and ideas to feel more at home in Wageningen

Content and methods:

Interactive presentations, case studies, exercises and discussion on the acculturation process, culture shock, Dutch culture (values and norms, rituals and symbols), exchange of experiences participants, discussion with a panel of “experts” through online platform.

Expected agenda of the workshop:

  • Introduction to the session
  • Cultural Dimensions
  • Personal Experiences
  • Coping Tips
  • Dutch Health Care
  • Closing

The workshop takes place from 9:30 to 12:00, participants will be notified beforehand if the workshop will be held online or in campus.