SYMPOSIUM: A peek into the life of a bug – Insect biomechanics

Join us for a symposium on insect biomechanics, where we explore how insects fly, see, escape, land and sting. Five young scientists of the Experimental Zoology Group of WUR will explain their research to show you that there is much more to insects than you would expect. During this symposium you can discover how Morpho butterfly species have evolved different wing shapes for different habitats within the rainforest, and how bumblebees sense their surroundings. You can listen to an explanation of how those pesky mosquitoes are able to escape the fly swatter, and how bumblebees use their eyes during landing. Finally you can hear how parasitic wasps use their ovipositor to drill towards a host and lay their eggs inside of it. Join us on the 27th of October in Forum.

Organised by Experimental Zoology, Behavioural Ecology

Wed 27 October 2021 19:20 to 22:15

Venue Forum, building number 102
Room C0222

The preliminary program:

19:20 The room is open
19:30 Welcoming word by our host,
followed by a short introduction of how insects fly
19:40 How do insects fly? Morpho butterfly flight
20:05 How do insects see? Insect sight and sensory systems
20:30 How do insects escape from a threat? The case of malaria mosquitoes
20:55 Break
21:25 How do insects land? Bumblebees and how they land
21:50 How do insects sting? Parasitic wasps and their ovipositors
22:15 Drinks until the building closes at 23:00