A1 SENSE Introductory Course

Organised by Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research WIMEK
Venue Partly online, partly in person (Ede)


This course brings together PhD candidates from different institutes that are part of SENSE, and that have the ambition to work on environmental issues.

During the course, you will discuss your own personal wishes and ambitions, what impact you would like to have with your research, and set personal learning goals for your PhD.We will have open discussions on finding your own way within science, and how inter- and transdisciplinary science can play a role for you. The course will also be an introduction to personal leadership, exploring what is important to you, and talking about how to tackle challenges you may face along the way.

Learning goals

After this course, you should be able to understand the need for multi- and interdisciplinary networks like SENSE. Furthermore, you should be able to discuss your contribution to solving environmental issues; and to have started thinking about where your own ambitions are in terms of fundamental science or applied science; how your science can be linked to society, and to have started thinking about your own personal development by setting personal learning goals. You will have a better idea of the broader skills and competencies that are needed in science and beyond. This could lead to changes in your TSP, if you feel this is needed. The 2.5 day in person days will also provide an opportunity to get to know other PhD students in the SENSE research school, learning about each other’s research activities and the problems that are being tackled; and for building new links within your network.

Set up and preparations

This course will be organized in a blended way. Blended meaning we have self-study part online; and a two and half days together. You will need to bring the final assignments from the online part to the in person days. Instructions on when the online part is open, and on the in person days will follow about 6 weeks in advance.

The platform we will use for the self-study part is Brightspace. For non-WUR PhD candidates a guest account will be provided so you can access all materials in due time. We will send more information on how to prepare about 6 weeks before the in person days.

Poster presentation

You will need to make a poster of your project, that you can present at the physical meeting. The poster needs to be a printed full size poster; portrait style. Information on poster making you can find at: It does not have to be a full blown, detailed presentation of everything you will do; it is meant as a way to let others know what you think you will be working on. So, present what you have and what you want to share.

Venue in person days

Hotel de Bosrand, Ede: The course will take place over 3 days and has a social evening program. Note that you will be sharing a room with another PhD candidate; if you already know who you want to share the room with, you can indicate this at registration.

Dates and times: 27 March arrival at the Bosrand on the first day 12:00-12:30, lunch starting at 12:30; 29 March departure after lunch (at around 14:00).

General information


Go to Registration form (registration deadline: 27 February 2024 or when full)

Next edition of this course 

27-29 March 2024

Course duration

3 days

Credit points

2.0 ECTS



Group size

40-55 participants

Prior knowledge

Prerequisite: having started a PhD in the environmental sciences at a SENSE institute


Twice a year (March and October)


300 EUR

Cancellation conditions

PLEASE NOTE: due to the preparation costs, we urge you to check your calendar carefully before registering for this course. Last minute withdrawals (withdrawals within twee weeks before the course starts) will result in unnecessary costs for your institute: a €125 will be charged if you cancel between 2 weeks and one week before the course starts; and the full fee thereafter.

    Note: If you would like to cancel your registration, ALWAYS inform us. By NOT paying the participation fee, your registration is NOT automatically cancelled (and do note that you will be kept to the cancellation conditions).

    Also note that when there are not enough participants, we can cancel the course. We will inform you if this is the case a week after the early bird deadline. Please take this into account when arranging your trip to the course (I.e. check the re-imburstment policies).