Agro Food Robotics parcours

Wageningen University & Research is the leading research institute in agri and food robotics for both fundamental and contract research. On 7 June 2022 we will once again open the doors to our labs to show you some of the recent developments in this exciting and rapidly developing field.

Organised by AgroFood Robotics

Tue 7 June 2022

Venue Omnia, building 105
9:00 Doors open
9:30 Welcome and start in Omnia
10:00-14:00 Walking tour around demos on campus, including lunch
14:00-15:00 Closing and snacks/drinks in Omnia

The Agro Food Robotics Parcours includes live demonstrations of various robotic systems, including the gerbera harvesting robot, and a look in the robotics labs and NPEC facilities on campus. Demos will be given in Dutch and English as


  • Gerbera Harvesting Robot
  • Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre (NPEC) Greenhouse
  • NPEC Vertical Farm
  • NPEC Open Field
  • Orchard Robots: apple harvesting and Next Fruit 4.0
  • Spectral Image Analysis: All-in-One Spectral Cabinet for non-destructive quality assessment of fresh produce
  • Geometric Image Analysis: Plantalyzer tomato harvest forecaster and High Speed Sorter
  • Lelystad Robotic Test Centre: testing ag-tech in the field
  • Livestock Welfare and WUR Dairy Campus
  • University Robotics
  • Field Robot Event Student Team
  • WUR Technology Inside: learn about machines that have been co-developed with our technologies
  • Fully Documented Fisheries and Fish Phenotyping
  • VR and XR experiences at WANDER-Lab
  • Biodiversity scanning on land and in the sea