Alumni event - online conference "International Knowledge Forum (IKF) - 2020" - 11-12 October 2020 

The Netherlands Alumni Association of Nepal (NAAN) is a non-profit professional organization. It comprises of Nepalese people who have either carried out their academic studies, researches, short courses, or have attended or participated in training and seminars in any of the educational institutions in the Netherlands. The Association is dedicated to promoting and facilitating knowledge dissemination and building a strong network among the alumni as well as with the institutes in the Netherlands.

The NAAN is organizing an online conference ‘International Knowledge Forum (IKF) - 2020’ on 11-12 October, 2020. The event aims to share knowledge, ideas and experiences of the alumni and experts from the respective fields. This would also provide a platform for knowledge dissemination for the students as well as the faculty of institutes from the Netherlands including other countries. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to disseminate the research, study and best practices outputs among the policymakers and practitioners to mainstream the knowledge.

Therefore, we would request to encourage the policy makers, faculties, researchers, professionals, practitioners and students to share the best knowledge through the conference. The outcomes of the conference will enhance the capabilities of the country and all network members to contribute and update knowledge to close the gaps of present challenges in the various sectors in the country and real world. 

Event: Online Conference on "Journey to Federalism in Nepal - For Resilient society during/after Covid-19"

Main Themes:
1.       Policy, Governance, and Institution
2.       Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management
3.       Sustainable Urban and Infrastructure Development
4.       Resilient Health and Sanitation

Where: Online, Kathmandu

For more information about the event, please visit the website: ikf.naan.org.np