Alumni meeting

Alumni Network Event Brussels, Belgium Wednesday 24 January 2018

On Wednesday 24 January, the Alumni Network Event took place at the Residence of the Dutch Ambassador. All alumni of Wageningen University & Research were cordially invited to attend this event in Brussels.

The purpose of the Alumni Network Event was to engage local Wageningen alumni in Belgium with each other in organized efforts to mutually benefit the alumni members of the chapter and Wageningen University & Research. This to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the parent organization Wageningen University & Research.

On 24 January 2018 the letter of intent was signed at the Residence of the Dutch Ambassador. Thanks to the enthusiasm of all attendants it was a successful evening. It was heart warming and inspiring to see that the 'WUR-feeling' was shared by all attendants, irrespective of age and/or background.

The contact address for the Alumni Network Belgium is:


18:00 Welcome at the Ambassador’s Residence
18:30 Word of welcome by Ambassador Mrs. Maryem van den Heuvel
18:45 Presentation by Louise O. Fresco, president of the executive board WUR
19:15 Signing ceremony
19:30 Dinner
22:00 End of programme
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