PhD defence

Blocking bacterial sensory systems. Discovery of novel inhibitors of two-component signalling systems to combat infections.

PhD candidate BM (Blanca) Fernandez Ciruelos MSc
Promotor prof.dr. JM (Jerry) Wells
External copromotor Paul Finn
Organisation Wageningen University, Host Microbe Interactomics

Mon 22 May 2023 11:00 to 12:00

Venue Omnia
Room Auditorium


Bacterial infections resistant to common antibiotics are increasing and spreading worldwide. This, coupled with the diminished returns in antimicrobial discovery makes antimicrobial resistance one of the main healthcare problems to be addressed in the coming years. In this project, we put our efforts in the development of antimicrobials working through different mechanisms of action than traditional antibiotics. We aimed to develop inhibitors that blocked bacterial two-component systems, used by bacteria to sense their environment and adapt to it, blocking in this way their senses and ability to cause infection.