Campus Expedition

Between June 12 and June 22, Wageningen Campus opens its doors! Have you always wanted to know more about the research of the organisations on campus? Do you want to meet fellow residents of Wageningen Campus and visit these beautiful buildings which are normally only accessible for their own staff members? Join the Campus Expedition! From June 12 until June 22 between 12.00h and 14.00h companies and organisations on Wageningen Campus organise tours to take a look behind the scenes. Please find the programme below.

Organised by Wageningen Campus

Mon 12 June 2023 until Thu 22 June 2023

Venue Wageningen Campus


Date Organisation Subject Introduction
Mon 12 June WUR  Human Nutrition & Health Unit Visitors will be shown around the Health Research Unit, where studies on nutrition and health with human volunteers are performed. This research unit contains facilities to prepare and provide nutrition, carry out sensory research as well as medical procedures. 
Hutten Catering in Faculty Club Novum (Omnia) As humans we waste far too much food, yearly over 200 million tons in the Netherlands alone! Come visit Omnia and learn more about the first large scale initiatives of Hutten Catering that gives an answer to this huge foodwaste. Get inspired by the story behind The Waste Factory!
NPEC WUR developed a research centre called Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre (NPEC) to automatically monitor plant growth on a large scale. We have built a research greenhouse in which plants are grown while the development of the plant is continuously monitored with a large number of cameras and where plants automatically move around on conveyor belts. More information: www.npec.nl 
Phenomea WURs Postharvest research facilities (Phenomea) are dedicated to studying the processes that occur after crops are harvested. Here we develop innovative solutions to reduce food waste, enhance food safety, and improve food security. Our facilities play a key role in developing new technologies and techniques for preserving food, as well as addressing social and economic challenges related to food distribution and access.
Plant Genetic Resources The genebank of the Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands (CGN) stores thousands of old landraces, modern varieties, wild populations and other specimen of our food crops. You’ll have the opportunity to see CGNs facilities, and hear about the reasons for conserving the material and the approaches for providing access to the raw material of all our food.
Tue 13 June Kadans Science Partner Multi tenants in Plus Ultra I & II We look forward to welcoming you at Plus Ultra Wageningen. We invite you to participate in one of the four tours we have created:
Blue Tour: DSM, NutriLeads, UniPartners Wageningen, Berrico FoodCompany and Eelerwoude.
Orange Tour: Green Dino, Bösch Boden Spies Import, Food Valley NL, CLS Services and Jenx.
Green Tour: Witteveen & Bos, GreenFood50, OnePlanet, Yili Innovation Center Europe and Welcome Center Food Valley.
Red Tour: IPS Engineering, Schothorst Feed Research, InnovaConnect, KWS Vegetables and Revyve.
Wed 14 June Unilever  Unilever Foods Innovation Centre Visit us to hear about our work on novel sustainable ingredients and making our food better for people and the planet. Explore behind the scenes, network for potential partnerships, and have a taste of what we offer with our chefs. Discover new ideas and celebrate food at Hive.
Thu 15 June Business Science Park Wageningen AgroCares AgroCares is bringing the lab to the field by using sensor technology, AI, calibration databases and a lot of IT stuff. Selling scanners and licenses under the brandnames of SoilCares, FeedCares and LeafCares. Available in more than 45 countries. Clients are for example Starbucks, Nutreco, Syngenta, Yara, Doktar, ATP and OCP.
H&F Group H&F Group (Herbstreith & Fox and Herbafood) is renowned across the globe for its proven highly functional Pectins, Fibres and Apple Extracts. For many Food and Research Companies we provide functional solutions in terms of Texture, Stability, Taste and Mouthfeel. Visitors are welcome for a presentation and tasting.
Keygene KeyGene is the go-to research company for the development and application of breakthrough technology innovation for crop improvement in for instance vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and industrial field crops. During the tour we will show you some of our research and technology innovation, such as DNA-technology, banana-research and seeds-wich-are-cuttings, in laboratory and greenhouse environments.
VHL Genetics  VHLGenetics is a commercial laboratory specialized in DNA-extractions and genotyping services (both plants and animals). During a cup of coffee, visitors will get a short introduction about the company. Afterwards, we will give you the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and tour of our laboratory.
Mon 19 June Upfield Upfield Food Science Centre Upfield is the largest plant-based food company and we landed in Wageningen last year! Therefore we are happy to invite you to our new location. Our Purpose is to make people healthier and happier with nutritious and delicious, natural, plant-based food that is good for you and for our planet. Do you want to learn more about Upfield's plant-based butters, spreads, creams and cheese portfolio please join us in the Upfield Food Science and Experience Centre!
Tue 20 June NIOO-KNAW Netherlands Institute of Ecology Expect a short tour to NIOO’s highlights! From the green(blue) roof to the golden toilet of the building, and from the research on bluegreen algae to animal personality or the living soil.
Aeres Hogeschool Aeres University of Applied Sciences As Aeres, we train teachers and knowledge managers for vocational education, mostly in the field of agricultural education. On Tuesday 20 June we will give a mini-lesson about teaching and presenting. Finally, good education stands or falls with the teacher. Please note: the workshop is in Dutch.
Wed 21 June FrieslandCampina FrieslandCampina This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary on the bustling campus of Wageningen. As pioneers in the field of dairy innovation, we have developed countless innovations in these years that contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world. During the expedition we will take our visitors on a journey through a total three of these valuable innovations. Curious which ones these are? Sign up and we'd love to see you on June 21st.
Thu 22 June WUR  Technical Development Studio  The Technical Development Studio makes equipment for research and education that cannot be purchased anywhere. Explore our unique TD studio! 
Biobased Products Innovation Plant The Biobased Products Innovation Plant is a large R&D facility used by Food & Biobased Research scientists to develop innovative processes to convert green raw materials (biomass) into biobased products. Join the tour in this innovation plant to learn more about WUR’s biobased research!
Shared Research Facilities  Join us for a tour through one of WUR’s datacenters and see how the new High Performance Computing cluster looks like in real and how it is setup. Take a look behind the scenes in how IT infrastructure is organized within our own professional datacenters!
Marine Animal Ecology How do coral reefs respond to climate change? Why is a sea urchin important for a healthy reef? And how does a shark respond to power cables on the sea floor? Visit the aquarium laboratories of Marine Animal Ecology on June 22nd and find out!
OSP Catering in Impulse At Impulse, you can join a short presentation about the vision of OSP on their sustainability goals and how the food & beverage, offered in the restaurant, contributes to these goals. Topics as responsible purchasing, healthy choices and inclusiveness will be discussed. And off course also includes a small tasting of some examples.
ISRIC World Soil Information World Soil Museum  The World Soil Museum informs and educates about the nature and the diversity of soils in the world and what that means for society and for science. The unique world soil reference collection is the core of the museum's exciting exhibition displays and educational activities. Join the tour in this unique museum!