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Career Development Online Webinar - Holland Alumni network in China - Thursday 18 June 2020

2020 is destined to be extraordinary and will be an even more difficult year. More than ever we need to share and support each other, share knowledge and our experiences, especially to the graduates and new alumni struggling in the beginnings of their career. Holland Alumni network in China has invited three career experts to help you!

Organised by University Fund Wageningen

Thu 18 June 2020 19:00 to 20:00

  • The global pandemic has seriously affected the economic development situation. Effects are likely to be seen in the next few years too. How should graduates deal with the difficult situation and where to start their career? 
  • Should newcomers in the workplace stay in their comfort zone for safety?
  • What career steps should people follow for those who want to switch careers?

With these questions, we welcome you to our live broadcast room!

Time:June 18 (Thu) 19.00-20.00 (Beijing Time)
Topic:Preparing for work: Get ready to search for and start a new job by identifying and building the employability skills needed to find your career path.
Target Group:
Chinese graduates who are about to graduate, as well as recent graduates or alumni who are looking forward to career advancement.
Webinar Language: Chinese
Webinar Platform:
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For more information, please feel free to contact: or find our WeChat Official Account by HollandAlumni.

Please find the agenda for this webinar below.


19.00-19.05 Opening by the Moderator:Molly Song, Holland Alumni Officer at Nuffic Neso China 

19.05-19.20 Topic 1: What career opportunities and challenges do overseas returnees face in the post-epidemic era? Speaker: Emily Chen, Executive Director of International Affairs at BOSS direct recruitment, a recruitment platform that loves international students, using big data technology to accurately match, allowing Boss to directly communicate with job hunters online without time and space restrictions and get an offer more quickly.

19.20-19.35 Topic 2: The difference between working at international companies in Europe and start-ups in China and the essential skills that you should have. Speaker: Barry Chen, Master of Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance, Amsterdam University, Founder of PengYouBao (PYB). Worked as an Actuary in global insurance giants including Allianz Insurance and Mitsui Sumitomo's wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK. In 2016, he returned to China to start his own business. The project won the overall championship of the 2018 OTEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition and was listed on the fourth board market of the Beijing Equity Exchange Center in the same year (Science and Technology Board code: 100081); in 2019 he was awarded the "Phoenix" in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

19.35-19.50 Topic 3: A way to survive in the job market in the times of the global crisis and tips to people who want to change jobs. Speaker: Audrey Wen, Environmental System Analysis, Wageningen University and Research, Stanley Executive Search International Recruitment Team Lead. Supporting the international recruitment of Chinese top-tier Internet company executives, successively recruiting managers in Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, general managers of cross-border B2C&B2B business divisions, senior technical development engineers, etc.

19.50-20.00 Online Q&A