Wageningen Dialogue

CineScience movietalk: Soylent Green

Let’s look at the environmental and social challenges of our food system. Despite the great challenges we face, our living environment differs from the dystopian future than was sketched for the year 2022 in the seventies movie Soylent Green: The earth is overpopulated and polluted, natural resources have been exhausted and the population is solely fed by Soylent Industries. When investigating the murder of the company’s CEO, a detective unravels a bizarre and disturbing business secret. What remained fiction and what became reality over the past decades? Dr. Evelien de Olde will inspire you with her insightful and inspiring talk before watching the movie.

The introduction by Evelien de Olde will be in English. The movie is English spoken with Dutch subtitles.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Wed 14 December 2022 20:00

Venue Heerenstraat Theater
Price description Standaard 11,00 | Cineville 3,-

Wageningen University & Research considers its connection with the city of Wageningen and its residents extremely important. With CineScience movie talks, researchers give you a sneak peek into their work in a unique and accessible way by linking their work creatively to a personally selected movie.

Learn more about novel scientific insights, discover how our everyday lives relate to the work being done in Wageningen, and enjoy a fabulous movie that sparks conversations. The break offers ample opportunity to talk, a free drink is included.

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