Circular Farming Platform Wageningen presents: Episode #1: A dairy farmer’s case

Together towards circular farming: collectively transforming the agricultural science paradigm.

Organised by Impulse

Mon 20 May 2019 18:45 to 21:00

Venue Impulse, building number 115
How can circular farming contribute to Sustainable Development Goals? During this first event we are very pleased to invite WUR student/farmer Anouk van Bakel, from the family farm Vrebamelkvee B.V. She will talk about the measures that the farm, which is the largest dairy farm in the Netherlands, took to become more sustainable. Then, Anouk will also explain the challenges the farm encounters when shifting from linear to circular.
What regulations do they face? Which practical constraints do they meet? In different rounds of interactive sessions we encourage the participants to operationalize the challenges both this farm and other farms in the dairy sector face and to come up with solutions.

In a last interactive round, participants will be asked to envision what skills and competencies they would need to be able to contribute to solving the challenges towards circular farming.

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To be able to understand the diversity in the agricultural field, the platform invites guest speakers with different farming methods and business models. By looking at the announced paradigm-shift from many different entry points, the platform aims to raise awareness of the multi-levelness of the shift from linear to circular agriculture while presenting how participants contribute.