Climate Mitigation: from Biosphere to Bioeconomy

Biomass is (one of) the key(s) for the realisation of a circular and climate neutral bio-economy. We need biomass to feed ourselves, as a soil improver, as a long-lasting carbon stock in materials and for the production of our clothes, paper and energy.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Tue 8 March 2022

Duration 13.00-16.30 CET
Venue WICC Hotel, Lawickse Allee 9, 6701 AN Wageningen

Over the last years we have made significant progress in identifying options and technologies for valorisation of biomass towards food/feed, chemicals and materials and found options for the replacement of fossil-based materials. But we certainly need more research to achieve impact on the challenges we face. What are the connections between Biomass production and biomass demand? How do we speed up the use and recycling of biobased materials? How do we phase out the use of new fossils? We are happy to invite you to this creative brainstorm in which you can share all your crazy ideas, make new connections and contribute to this import research domain.