CUCo: Transdisciplinary research - a guide

Organised by Wageningen Young Academy

Tue 12 April 2022 15:00

CUCo supports research that aims to contribute to addressing societal challenges. Researchers, funders, and civil society increasingly recognize that involving non-academic actors in the research process itself can potentially lead to more relevant and transformative outcomes. Transdisciplinary research aims to do just that, integrating different types of knowledge to better understand and address societal problems. It requires specific research and communication approaches and is not without risks. In this workshop, we explore the underlying dynamics and dilemmas of such unusual collaborations and some ways to facilitate transdisciplinary research. Dr Jonas Colen Ladeia Torrens (now at TU/e) and Dr Annisa Triyanti (UU) will present the Transdisciplinary research Field Guide (UU) and Corinne Lamain (CUCo) will provide an introduction to working with Theories of Change in research.

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