Drought in the Netherlands

We would like to invite you for the KNM webinar about drought in the Netherlands. This webinar is the third webinar in the series “Current topics in Environmental Sciences”, organised by the Wageningen Environmental Studies Alumni Association (KNM). The webinar is open for all interested professional workers, academic staff, PhD candidates, students and others.

Organised by Wageningen Environmental Research

Thu 14 October 2021 16:00 to 17:00

Venue Online

Three experts will share their vision on this very topical and challenging subject with you. You can find a short summary of their presentations at the KNM website.

  • René Didde (WUR alumnus and Scientific Journalist): Drought in The Netherlands René Didde is author of the book “Nederland Droogteland” (Drought in The Netherlands); for more information visit the website of Nederland Droogteland.
  • Prof. Dr Albert van Dijk (Chair Hydrology group WUR): "That's not a drought...That's a drought!" Dutch droughts from an Australian perspective.
  • Almer Bolman (advisor ecohydrology and groundwater, Water Board District Vallei en Veluwe): Addressing drought in the centre of The Netherlands.

Moderator: Dr ir. Caroline Moermond