Erik Zwaga | Paintings

Erik Zwaga was born in Ulft in the Netherlands in 1960 and started painting as an autodidact in 1980.

Organised by Impulse

Mon 11 March 2019 until Fri 19 April 2019

Venue Impulse, building number 115

Koekoek and Schelfhout (Dutch painters of the 19th century) were his great examples and inspiration in that time. Often he visited museums to study the art of painting of those two painters. After a period of experimentation in a more abstract way, he has chosen again for the more peaceful method of realism.

Erik paints mainly still life paintings but also land- scapes. He uses the same painting techniques as the old Dutch painters of the 17th century. Atmosphere takes an important place in his paintings. Peace and quiet are the words when it comes to the atmosphere in his work.