Excursion - Legends of the Forest = FULL

Do you want to learn more about some sustainable forests in the Netherlands? Join us on a summer road trip to visit two sites – Heimenberg in Rhenen and Solse Gat in Putten – and listen to the stories about these unique places.

Asides the site tours, activities include games, a picnic and sharing thoughts with fellow students.

Organised by S&I & WEP

Sat 16 July 2022

Duration All Day

What and who?

Excursion followed by a picnic in the forest. We take care of snacks & drinks. Please bring your own packed lunch.

Date / Time?

16 July Visit to Heimenberg Rhenen & Solse Gat, Putten all day

We will inform you about the departure time after your registration. Max. group size for this activity is 30 students.

More about the forests

The Solsche Gat is a so-called loam pit where Veluwe farmers dug loam (clay). At the bottom of the hole, a swampy area has been created with a pool in it.

On the swampy soil, a special plant growth for the Veluwe has been developed. Water trileaf, slender primrose and wood anemone grow here. The pool is a drinking spot for wildlife in this part of the Veluwe. Amphibians such as small newts and toads breed in the swampy area.

The Heimenberg is a former ring wall on the Grebbeberg near Rhenen in the Dutch province of Utrecht.

In ancient times people already had the need to protect themselves against intruders from outside. Therefore, settlements were often started in strategically located locations, such as on a higher ground or near a ford of a river. This allowed the settlement to exert influence on the area around it.

Archaeological research has shown that the Grebbeberg was already 2000 BC. had fortifications. A flint sacrificial knife and remnants of the Bell Beaker culture have been found under the rampart.