F&A Next Career Fair 2024

Looking for young talents? We invite you to join the first F&A Next Career Fair on 21 May 2024 (this is the day prior to the F&A Next event).

Organised by Student Career Services

Tue 21 May 2024 13:00 to 16:00

Venue Plus Ultra II, Bronland 10, Wageningen

Set up of the event

The F&A Next Career Fair is a network and recruitment event, during which you can connect with our talented students and graduates!

All participating organisations will have a standing table at the career fair at which you can also present your promotional materials.

We will give you access to the data of the students who participate (such as CV), so you can also reach out to the participants afterwards.

The fee for the event is 300 euro excl. VAT. For NGO's and startups, a 50% reduced fee applies.

Student Career Services

The event is organised by Student Career Services of Wageningen University & Research. Student Career Services provides a platform for students and employers to meet. We support all WUR students and recent graduates through their transition from study to career. We organise structural career events with employers. We also have a free online WUR Career Platform for you to post your positions. For more information see our website.

Registration for employers

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Invoice information

For NGO's and startups a 50% reduced fee applies

Terms & conditions:
- Wageningen University & Research reserves the right to change program content, date and venue, due to unforeseen circumstances.
- The information on our website about your company and your program during the event, is your own responsibility.
- Views expressed by speakers and facilitators are not necessarily those of Wageningen University & Research.
- Wageningen University & Research will endeavour to give you the opportunity to promote your company in a successful manner and to meet talented professionals in your branch.
- Wageningen University & Research may record and/or photograph your organisation for promotion purposes of this event, e.g. on our website or social media channels.