Finals Wageningen Youth Institute 2019

The climate is changing, the sea level is rising and the world population is continuing to grow. In 2050, nearly 10 billion people will live on Earth. They must all be able to eat enough without exhausting the earth. High School students in The Netherlands have taken up the challenge of the Wageningen Youth Institute and are taking part in the Grand Finale day on 11 April with their advice on global food security issues!

Organised by Wageningen Youth Institute

Thu 11 April 2019 10:30 to 17:00

Venue Orion, building number 103
10:30 Welcome with coffee/tea
11:00 Opening and presentation Global Food Security Prof.dr.ir. Rudy Rabbinge
11:20 Fruit game
12:00 Participation in the Agro Food Robotica Parcours. Visiting demonstrations of several robot systems.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Round table discussions of finalists with the jury
15:30 Break/ campus tour
16:00 Wrap up and prize ceremony, Prof.dr.ir. Louise O. Fresco
16:15 Drinks

Members of the jury

Arnold Bregt

Arnold Bregt.jpg

Dean of Education, Wageningen University & Research

Prof. ir. Arnold Bregt is Dean of Education at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). He studied soil science in Wageningen and is professor of Geo-Information Science at WUR. In his position he is responsible for the educational vision of WUR, but he still supervises (PhD) students. Education was and remains the most important part of his work.

Mineke Rezelman

Mineke Rezelman

Consultant for Food Education & Engagement, Rabobank

Mineke Rezelman is Consultant Banking for Food, Education & Engagement at Rabobank. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam, after which she started following the Food & Agri traineeship at Rabobank. She works, among other things, on the cooperation between WUR and Rabobank with the aim of optimally preparing the agricultural and food sector for the future, in order to contribute to solving the global food security issue. In addition, she and her brother started their own company "Jacob’s Juice" with the focus on reducing food waste. They make fresh juices from rejected fruit and vegetables in the center of Amsterdam. Mineke: "Of course we need" the next generation "for this!".

Joris Lohman

Joris Lohman

Director Food Hub

Joris Lohman is co-founder of Food Hub - a social enterprise with the aim of speeding up the transition to a better food system. Food Hub specializes in transition and innovation processes and develops workshops and innovative forms of food education. Joris is also a member of the Board of Directors of Slow Food International.

Marloes Ruiter

Marloes Ruiter.jpg

Student BSc Health and Society, WUR 

Marloes Ruiter and her group won the Wageningen Youth Institute in 2018. The research question of their research paper was: 'to what extent can seaweed contribute to solving the world food problem?' With this topic they won the trip to the Global Youth Institute in Des Moines. Today, Marloes is still closely involved with Wageningen University & Research, as in September she started the BSc Health and Society.

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