Finding solutions for climate change within the EU, by Esther de Lange

Two years after the Paris Agreement, the EU is firmly in the lead in fighting climate change. In December 2017 the Commission announced a series of initiatives for a modern and clean economy.

It gives opportunities for EU businesses to compete on the development of the clean technology market globally. The EU aims at innovation of industries and also wants to ensure that no citizen, worker or region is left behind in this process. Because of the differences in the energy mix and economical structures across the EU, this is a complex political challenge. As a member of the European Parliament and vice-chairman of the European EVP, Esther de Lange (CDA) is strongly involved in the EU decision making about this subject. She supports an independent and clean energy production within the EU and wants food production to be safer with less control by multi nationals. Experience the challenges within the EU and the important role of the EU parliament in creating future for next generations.