Flunkyball on the Rhine shores

Who wants to join us in a game of Flunky Ball on the shores of the Rhine on a sunny summer afternoon?

The first team to finish their drinks wins. Never played Flunky Ball before? No problem, it's no rocket science, we'll teach you.

Organised by ESN

Mon 25 July 2022 16:00

Duration (Free) Drinks & Snacks are provided.
Price description Free

Date / Time?

25 July Shore of the Rhine We start at 16:00h - end time to be determined

We play in teams of 5 or 6 people. If enough people register, we can play multiple rounds.

How to play Flunky Ball

A popular drinking game among students that is played outdoors, mainly on a lawn in good weather. The quote “Drinking is winning” can be taken very literally in the drinking game flunkyball. The first team to finish their drinks win.

We play in two teams of 5 or 6 people, each with a full drink in front of them. Each player places themselves at an equal distance from the bottle in the center of the playing field. You take turns throwing the ball against the bottle. 

If you hit the bottle, the throwing team must drink as quickly as possible. The non-throwing team must put the bottle upright and get the ball behind their drinks as quickly as possible. As soon as the ball is behind the non-throwing team's drink, they call “Stop”: The throwing team then must stop drinking. 

The game is over when all participants of a team have finished the entire can or bottle. The losing team can - of course - still finish their drink.